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Marion Building

Marion Partners LLC, an equal ownership between Clay Boardman and Barry Storey, a managing partner with BLS Holdings Group, LLC, purchased and stabilized the 10-story Marion Building at 739 Broad Street in downtown Augusta.

Built in 1914 as The Chronicle Building, and designed By G. Lloyd Preacher, 739 Broad Street was considered Augustas first skyscraper. Said to be of fireproof construction, and "built in the very teeth of general financial depression", its construction financing was truly a community effort.

G. Lloyd Preacher wrote the following description in The Augusta Chronicle's December 13, 1914 edition:

"The Chronicle Building, now ready for occupancy, stands facing the south on Broad Street in a class by itself, distinctive and individual. The building stands ten stories high and possesses all modern conveniences and equipment. It is faced on front with limestone to third floor level, then buff press brick to the eighth story. The tow top stories are faced with ornamental polychrome terra cotta in harmonious colors and entire exterior of the buildings is trimmed terra cotta, such as window sills, lintels, etc.

All interior floors and partitions are fireproof and the elevator doors, windows on down-town side, etc., are also absolutely fireproof.

The first floor lobby is decorated with a high marble wainscoting and plaster cornices. The offices and corridors on the upper floors have smooth finish plaster walls. The corridors all have tile floors and wainscotings of Georgia marble. Ample toilets are provided and they are finished in tile. The trim throughout is genuine oak with veneer doors.

The heating system is the best that can be had, the vacuum vapor circulation system. There is enough radiation to overheat the building in zero weather if desired.

All floors are provided with vacuum cleaning outlets so that the offices may be perfectly cleaned without dust. Sufficient electric lighting is provided throughout, and every office has a lavatory in it and an abundance of hot and cold water.
There are also two fast elevators, perfectly equipped with indicators, etc., insuring perfect service."

Sadly, the building was gutted 15 months later by the great March 1916 fire, but was soon rebuilt within the original structure, and renamed "The Marion."


The Marion Building is available for sale.